The Bead Stalk, we supply Swarovski crystals and beads

Bead lovers rejoice! If you are a fan of Swarovski crystals and beads, look no further than The Bead Stalk. Our boutique is the go-to destination for beaders seeking high-quality, genuine Swarovski crystals and beads in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.

Swarovski crystals are renowned for their precision-cut lead glass faceted stones that capture and reflect light like a kaleidoscope of brilliance. These Austrian-made gems have long been considered the gold standard in crystal beading materials. At The Bead Stalk, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of these stunning gems at competitive prices for all your jewelry making, crafting, and decorating needs.

Our Expansive Selection

At The Bead Stalk, we carry a broad range of Swarovski crystal beads in various shapes such as bicones, rounds, cubes, rondelles, teardrops, and more. Each shape allows for limitless design possibilities to satisfy your creative cravings.

Additionally, our Swarovski crystal collection includes numerous finishes on offer – from traditional crystal clear to special effect coatings such as AB (Aurora Borealis), which adds an iridescent shimmer to the surface.

We also have an assorted range of sizes to cater to various project requirements. Whether you need tiny 3mm beads for delicate designs or larger 12mm beads for bold statement pieces, we’ve got you covered.

Personalize Your Creations with Our Assorted Colors

At The Bead Stalk, we understand that color is crucial to any beading project. Therefore, we stock up on a vast array of rich and vibrant colors like Aquamarine, Amethyst, Light Siam, Olivine, Rose Water Opal, Sunflower Yellow, Black Diamond and many more – all awaiting your creative touch.

Stringing Materials and Findings

Apart from housing thousands of Swarovski crystals and beads options under one roof, The Bead Stalk also provides bead enthusiasts all necessary stringing materials such as wires and threads along with findings like clasps, ear wires and jump rings to complete your masterpieces.

Custom Bridal Jewelry Design Services

Are you looking for that extra-special touch for your wedding day? The Bead Stalk also offers custom-made bridal jewelry services using top-grade Swarovski crystals to help you achieve the perfect bridal look. From sparkling tiaras intricately handcrafted by our experienced designers to glittering necklaces and exquisite earrings designs– infuse your big day with mesmerizing sparkle.

Experts at Your Service

Not sure what will work best for your project? Need advice on picking the right combination of colors or sizes? Fear not! The Bead Stalk’s experienced staff will guide you through your beading journey patiently answering questions or offering suggestions whenever needed.

Get Inspired Today!

Whether you’re a seasoned jewelry designer searching for unique Swarovski crystals or simply searching for an exciting new pastime that ignites creativity within you – hopping into The Bead Stalk is like stepping into a treasure chest brimming with sparkling possibilities.